Karangasem Tours


Places of interest will be visited during this tour:

Goa Lawah

is a Hindu on the beach featured by a small cave resides in the main temple dwelt by the group of bats so that this temple is also well known as a Bat Temple. It is a beatifull temple positioning beside of the main road fromDenpasar to Karangasem with a beautiful beach just apposite it.

Tenganan Village

is the oldest traditional Balinese village situated in Karangasem regency, east part of Bali. It is very famous with their own local culture survive until now that is one of the heritages from their ancestor. The villager hardly maintain the old traditions within the strong attack from modern and global influence where you can still find the old style of local houses and other custom including traditions are well maintained.

Candidasa beach

It is  a beautiful  beach with the stunning view of Indian Ocean and an island in a distance view called  by Nusa Penida Island. This beach is very famous featured by panoramic view situated in tranquility of Karangasem regency about 1 ,5 hours from Denpasar City. This are is very famous and has developed as a tourist place where the guest love to stay with the peaceful ambiance.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is a heritage park of Karangasem Kingdom with big pond and pool supported by big flows of fresh water. There is a big tower sprays through the water fountain which is set in the middle of pond and a Hindu temple with fishpond just set on the foot of hill. Some of beautiful statues standing on the water right in the middle of fishpond are also one of fascinations for tourist to visit.

Taman Ujung Sukasada

is old heritage park from Karangasem Kingdom in the era of Dutch colonial. It is a beautiful historical site featured by the old traditional building designed by the European style set on the huge fishpond surrounded by the tropical ambience. It is located 5 kilometers from Amlapura town and very close the beautiful black sandy beach.